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MOMAX X-Lens 2-in-1 120° Wide Angle + 15X Macro Lens Set with Phone Case for iPhone 8 / 7 - Blue

The combination of hard PC back shell and 2 in 1 superior lens set, your best mate. Hard PC back case can protect your phone, while X-Lens can enrich the shooting flavor and variations of lens usage to create a new vision beyond your imagination. Macro lens is used for shooting tiny object. Fine lines are clearly visible by using X-lens, which lets you easily capture the images in magical microscopic world. 120 degree wide-angle lens enhances the perspective illustration, emphasizing the front object and exaggerated sense of distance, which is conducive to enhancing the verve of the screen. Raised lip is fitted with exclusive nuts, which is convenient to change lens quickly.

  • Hard PC back shell protects the backside of the phone from scratches

  • 15x macro lens + 120 degree wide-angle lens 2-in-1

  • Macro lens can shoot tiny object such as flowers and insect

  • Wide-angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery

  • Exclusive nuts for changing lens quickly

  • Universal clip, clip-on design for easy use