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ROCK Multi-Use UV Phone Sanitizer Wireless Charger Disinfection Box - Green
  • Support wireless charging, convenient to use

  • Ultraviolet disinfection box for disinfecting mobile phone/earphone/mask/key/beauty makeup egg/pacifier etc

  • Intelligent protection, when the tilt angle of the upper cover is greater than 50°, UV light will automatically close

  • UV-C disinfection, scientific sterilization, clean without residue

  • Fashionable color matching, unique design

  • Portable folding design, easy to carrying


  • Main wavelength of ultraviolet light: 254nm

  • Product weight: about 240g

  • Induction distance: ≤8mm

  • Input: 5V / 2A(Max)

  • Size: approx. 200 x 103 x 20.5mm

  • Wireless charging output :5V/2A(Max)

Compatible with:

  • Most mainstream cell phones that support wireless charging function