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Multifunctional UV Sterilizer Wireless Charging Box Cell Phone Cleaners UV Light Sanitizer Box
  • Supports 5W-15W wireless fast charging for your device. Place phone on the charging pad for fast, convenient and wireless charging

  • UV sanitize light can target microorganisms hiding in cracks and kills 99% of germs, making it safe to disinfect most objects placed inside

  • Easy to use: press the Touch Switch to start sterilizing with indicator lights and keep clean and safe

  • suitable for All items including your phone, jewelry, watches, credit cards, and keys can be put in the box if it is within the size tolerance range, keep those things in safety


  • Input: 5V / 2A 9V / 2A

  • Wireless output: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W

  • Wireless charging transmission distance: 2-6mm

  • Wireless charging working frequency: 100-205KHZ

  • Wireless charging efficiency: 78%

  • UV LED: 9-pcs

  • UV output power: 2W

  • Material: PC + ABS

  • Product size (inner): 40 * 100 * 182mm, product size (outer): 53 * 114 * 196mm 

  • Net weight: 338g

  • Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC

Compatible with:

  • Cell phones supporting wireless charging