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Q18 3 in 1 Smart 10W Wireless Charger for Mobile Phone Watch AirPods
  • Low wireless charging frequency, built-in isolation tile, no damage to human body

  • Good quality pure copper coil, fast transmission wire

  • ST imported chip, good stability and low temperature

  • Sensing distance. Up to 8,, sensing distance, charging induction as fast as 0.2 seconds, frequency documentation

  • 3 in 1, mobile phone+watch+AirPods

  • Note:

  • 1. This product has no plug. Need customer to use QC3.0 quick charge plug to get fast charge effect.

  • 2. the product has three charging positions, the left is used to charge the phone, the medium to charge the headphones, the right to charge the watch, please use it correctly!

  • 3. Due to 1, 2, 3 and 4 Generation Apple Watch problems, when you use this device to charge Apple Watch, there may be intermittent conditions, which are normal and do not affect the end result of charging.

  • 4. When charging the device, the indicator of the device will light up, blue (charges the phone), green (charges the headphones), red (charges the watch).

Compatible with:

  • Apple phone+watch+AirPods